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Another successful AGM held tonight in our new Bee House. Our members have been very busy over the last few weeks to...

Posted by Randbka- Randalstown and District Beekeepers Association on Monday, October 3, 2016

BeeCraft News
Inspectors have found an Asian Hornet nest in the Tetbury area of Gloucestershire which was destroyed on Wednesday. Inspectors will remain in the area probably for the forthcoming week, but at the time of writing no further sightings of hornets have been reported since Wednesday. They are hopeful that this may be the only nest, but will be staying in the area for the next week to check there are no further sightings.
We hope a full report of their work will be available soon, but in the meantime click here for a link to BeeBase and some of the photographs that were taken.

Well done to our Bee Inspectors!
However, it is advisable to maintain vigilance and remain alert to the possibility of others appearing in other parts of the country, so please spread the good news with this cautionary note.
While writing I will just add a couple of reminders to you to spread around your beekeeping network.
1. Join us on Tuesday, 11th October at 8.00pm for our next hangout/webinar. No doubt there will be some discussion on the Asian Hornet! Just watch live or email your questions through this link.
2. We hope to have Michael Badger MBE joining the above webinar to talk about his new book "Heather Honey - A Comprehensive Guide" which is being launched at the National Honey Show at the end of this month, a copy of which can be ordered HERE for despatch after 30th October. It's 384 pages full of photographs, information, history, how to prepare hives and successful honey production.
3. Don't forget, if you want to collect a Microbox at the National Honey Show, orders are required as soon as possible HERE. This doesn't include the excellent complementary book "Practical Microscopy" by Master Beekeeper, Bob Maurer which can be ordered through the same link.

BeeCraft Webinair

Michael Badger's New Book Available for pre-order

Heather Honey: A Comprehensive Guide by Michael Badger MBE 384 pages, full colour throughout! Available for delivery after 30.10.16 from Bee-CraftMore details on their website: Website LINK


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